1×2 Network Grows Content Capacity with AD LUNAM Launch

AD LUNAM is going to be a fresh approach to the way 1×2 Network delves into iGaming, offering products and content that is fully optimized for Gen Z and Millenials. In other words, the company is attempting to build a product that is based on the preferences and gaming habits of these target groups.

AD LUNAM Becomes Latest Studio in 1×2 Network’s Family

Some of the key focuses of the upcoming content will be multiplayer, arcade, and social games, all of which strike home with these cohorts. Commenting on this opportunity, 1×2 Network CPO Alex Ratcliffe said:

Our goal is to create games that stand out from the crowd and offer players compelling experiences they can share with one another.

1×2 Network CPO Alex Ratcliffe

Ratcliffe argued that AD LUNAM is a brand new approach to game design that i ufa365 s created to keep pace with innovation in the arcade vertical. The studio, Ratcliffe believes, will allow the company to carve a place for itself in one of the most competitive iGaming landscapes right now.

AD LUNAM is joining other studios under the 1×2 Network umbrella, to wit 1x2gaming and Dog Studio, and is part of the multi-pronged approach the company is embarking on to deliver some of the best casino and iGaming content.

AD LUNAM vows to bring around “never-seen-before” gaming content that is explicitly designed for gamers who crave simple but engaging and meaningful mechanics that feel like players are in control in the first place.

Innovative Content Built to Appeal to New Generations

AD LUNAM is all about building non-traditional gaming concepts and branded content offerings, allowing 1×2 Network and operators to capitalize on. Kevin Reid, 1×2 Network CEO, said that the company was very excited about AD LUNAM and the addition to the existing core offer of studios already available.

“This expansion of the 1X2 Network marks a new era for our company as we cross the threshold into our third decade of operation,” he said adding that partners can expect to see some groundbreaking work done by AD LUNAM in the coming months.

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