Explore Ancient Japanese Village in Print Studios Latest Slot Release Shinobi Spirit

A mysterious Japanese village keeps many secrets. In the 15th century, when ninjas were among the most powerful men in Japan, the adventure led them to the forgotten village where a lot of things happened – and even they needed some help in dealing with them.

Explore Ancient Japan:

In Print Studios’ new release, Shinobi Spirit, players will have to explore the village and try to uncover its many secrets buried deep in the fruit lg777 ful Japanese soil. 

In this 5×4 online slot game, which is placed on 26 lines, the Malta-based casino game studio combines a fantastic, thrilling plot with some of the most popular modern and unique features, such as the Bamboo Prize Feature, that enhance the possibilities of winning amazing awards already during the base game. If the unique Bamboo Prize appears on the reels, the wins are granted to the players.

There is also a Shinobi Hold-n-Winbonus, which contains eight different features at once.

The game possesses a Free Spins feature as well, but this time, it’s a bit different than usual. The Free Spins are a twist to the Hold-n-win genre, very popular among the players. New mechanics are added to the slot, and the combination of the new and old gives the perfect mix of fun and amazing win potential!

Of course, in order for a ninja to become one, he must be a pro in various ancient skills. A lot of time is needed to perfect the slashing of Bamboo Prize Symbols. When they learn how to do it, they will realize that each symbol comes with a random prize attached to it. While during the base game, the player can get the prize only once for each Bamboo symbol, during the bonus round, it can be slashed multiple times, and each slash doubles the value of the prize.

Mystery symbols for best prizes:

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The village is filled with strong, ancient power, which needs to be discovered. Every special symbol that the player slashes during the bonus round will let them explore new features and find new treasures. You can find the Dragon Sword, which can enhance the power of your Shinobi, so you’re able to slash the symbol twice at the same time. There is also the mysterious Frenzy Mask, which introduces the player to the symbol-slashing frenzy, as well as the Shuriken, which will allow you to try slashing in various directions and enhance the win potential of the game.

After you prove yourself worthy, you’ll get a chance to meet the Shinobi Master – and that’s what brings you the best awards. 

Give your best in this slot – only the brave ninjas are the real ninjas – and win the maximum prize of 20.000x the base bet!