Ezugi’s Video Blackjack Ensures the Best Online Experience

The famous provider of live casino solutions, Ezugi, has gone above and beyond to deliver its newest product, the impressive Video Blackjack. 

It was launched on February 1st, and so far, both critics and users have found it impressive and unique. Live-video features enable the shared experience for the player, and all of that is included in the user interface.

Land-based casino experience in the online world:

The players will experience the vibe of land-based casinos. They will be able to sit next to each other, and with the possibility of seeing each other comes the opportunity of talking to the other players, which is fantastic.

Seven players can sit at one table, and every player can sit in one seat. The portrait mode on mobile devices is activated, and in order to start playing, the player is obliged to share the audio and video live from their devices. However, don’t worry about privacy – those who want to watch the game without playing won’t be allowed to enter and take a seat. 

The rules of standard European Blackjack are followed here. The players will have a chance to enjoy some of the most famous side bets, such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3. This means copying the whole experience from land-based casinos and including them in the online version is possible.

All required regulations are included in the game. The procedures and solutions are included in the safeguard, and inappropriate video content won’t be allowed. The players can feel safe and enjoy the unique online experience while playing Video Blackjack.

Ezugi claimed that they had paid particular attention to the new video feature – it needed to be safe and secure at all costs, and the inappropriate content needed to be banished. The solution is a great safeguard that protects the users. 

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, said: “Our new Video Blackjack adds an extra-special social dimension to online Live Blackjack with its uniqu ufa888 e player-to-player video feature. Now online gaming can be even more like a visit to a real land-based casino. Players are able to share the excitement and suspense as they see and talk to other players and react to every deal and decision in the gameplay and, of course, to every winning hand!”

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Carefully crafted content:

Ezugi was founded in 2012, and since then, it has provided users with cutting-edge content that players enjoy. It started as a small company, but now the company is located across nine countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Its portfolio consists of 20 carefully crafted games, and the network of partners contains over 100 big names from the industry.