Genius Sports to Spearhead FanDuel Marketing in the United States

Genius Sports will help FanDuel with the company’s marketing efforts in the United States by developing tailored social media, TV and other betting content.

FanDuel Puts Genius Sports in Charge of Further Marketing in the US

FanDuel will entrust further expansion of marketing efforts to Genius Sports Group, a company with a proven track record in numerous jurisdictions and not least, the United States.

As FanDuel is now available in over 10 states in its capacity of a mainstream sportsbook and in 44 states as a provider of daily fantasy sports, the company is looking to bolster its marketing efforts in the country.

Genius Sports proves the right fit for FanDuel. Thanks to this two-year partnership, Genius Sports will create tailored digital campaigns featuring video, display and TV, with the ultimate goal of driving stronger customer engagement and acquisition.

Genius Sports’ insight into the US market will prove pivotal for the company as it should allow for the creation of personalized target content as well as quick informational bulletins in various formats, including live statistics, real-time odds, and video highlights across all US sports and major leagues.

Commenting on this opportunity, Genius Sports Group commercial director Josh Linforth said that the company is thrilled to have the opportunity to be assisting FanDuel in its pursuit of further growth and marketin 7BALL CX g optimization.

Genius Sports Brings Next-Gen Marketing Solutions

Genius Sports will rely on “next-generation technology, media buying know-how, and expertise in using live sports data to drive customer growth,” Linforth explained. The deal has significant implications for Genius Sports’ own footprint in the United States, as it represents the biggest partnership on American soil for the company to date.

As Linforth puts it, Genius is capable of delivering a product that traditional marketing agencies aren’t prepared to develop and implement. The partnership comes at a pivotal moment for FanDuel, which is facing strong competition from DraftKings and BetMGM, both of which are vying for market share against the company.

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BetMGM has just announced two major developments yesterday, with the company confirming its entry in Virginia and tying up a media partnership with The Athletic, a respected subscription sports publication.

FanDuel has not done half bad itself. The company inked a multi-year partnership with the Washington Football Team and it struck another deal with PGA Tour to provide highlights from competitions on the sportsbook’s app.

Not least, FanDuel negotiated a partnership earlier today, agreeing to let IGT power its sportsbook app in Virginia and Michigan.