Gfinity Adds Black Ops as an Official Esports Competition

Gfinity will host a Call of Duty event, after the series were long gone from the tournament format, with the company hosting the third event for the 2019 Call of Duty World League season.

Call of Duty Returns to Gfinity in 2019

Popular tournament platform & host Gfinity had an important statement to make, announcing the return of Call of Duty as an official part of the competitive format earlier today.

Gfinity will take care of the third open event of the 2019 Call of Duty World League, the company specified. CWL London will be held at the Copper Box Arena on May 3-5. With capacity of 7,500 people, the hosts expect the arena to sell out.

Call of Duty’s return to Gfinity marks two important developments. First, the franchise joins one of the most esteemed mainstream competitions, and second – it’s the only event for the game in Europe in 2019.

The event will focus on both professional and amateur teams. Overall, 16 of the best professional CWL organizations will be admitted into the competition, with 200 amateur teams joining a separate competition.

Call of Duty returns to Gfinity and London. Photo Credit: Gfinity.

In the official release, Gfinity confirmed the names of several organizations, including OpTic Gaming, Team Envy, Luminosity and Evil Geniuses.

Since Black Ops 4, the latest installment to the franchise, arrived, the competition has sh lodivip ifted into a five-versus-five format, with no restrictions for LAN tournaments, allowing teams to compete in as many tournaments as they wish.

Black Ops 4 Undeniable Popularity

It’s been a while since Gfinity last hosted a Call of Duty tournament. The company has been expanding in the past years, both in terms of venues and gaming titles. One notable title Gfinity has supported is FIFA 19.

Circling back to Black Ops 4, Treyarch have done an exquisite job across the board introducing the latest chapter.

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Treyarch developed an ambitious battle royale mode and the company worked out the kinks surrounding zombies, and now a ranked mode. The inaugural Las Vegas event, which was won by OpTic Games, was also a success, and even Tyler “Ninjas” Blevins, a popular Fortnite personality, tuned in to play and stream Black Ops 4.

In light of the growing popularity of the game, Gfinity’s return to the franchise is both welcome and necessary for the community to continue developing.

Despite a recent announcement that Treyarch will be releasing Ranked Mode for PS4 first, the community and developers have had a very good rapport, working together on issues and Treyarch keeping in touch via all available social channels.

Gfinity hosting the European leg of the event is a most welcome move as the organization has experience in hosting high-profile competitions, with several FIFA events on the cards already.