Grosvenor Casinos Expands Offering Introducing Live Casino Studio

The leading UK casino operator that is a part of Rank Group, Grosvenor Casinos, has announced the launch of its Live Casino Studio. The strategic launch comes at a time when the company plans further growth in the online sector. At the same time, Grosvenor taps into the live casino segment that has been gradually gaining popularity.

The announcement comes after many major operators have already witnessed the potential of the live casino offering and successfully introduced it to their customers. Bringing live casino offering, Grosvenor seeks to deliver unique and engaging experiences for its growing online customer base.

Grosvenor Casinos’ head of gaming commercial, Spyros Kanakis, shared his excitement about the latest announcement, acknowledging that as a major player in the market in the UK, the company continuously expands and updates its offering. This helps Grosvenor engage with new audiences and at the same time ensures the retention of existing customers.

“As the largest casino operator in the UK, we’re on a mission to broaden casino gaming’s appeal to a new generation of players.“

Spyros Kanakis, head of gaming commercial at Grosvenor Casinos

Kanakis added that the company has identified that players are interested in engaging in immersive experiences which is a prime reason why it decided to develop the Live Casino Studio. According to him, through its live casino offering, Grosvenor will leverage its extensive industry experience and deliver engaging experiences for its online customers.

The company’s head of gaming commercial added that the live casino offering is hosted by Grosvenor dealers with significant experience. At the same time, Kanakis pointed out that online customers will be able to experience engaging, immersive experiences and dive into a unique atmosphere.

“Customers will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of our best in venue casino games but online where they will feel close to the action, able to play anytime, from anywhere,“

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added Kanakis

Grosvenor pointed out that its Live Casino Studio offers five blackjack, as well as two roulette tables, making a total of seven immersive online gaming tables. Grosvenor Casinos’ Live hot646 Casino Studio has been produced in partnership with EVO Casino. It follows the recent roll-out of Grosvenor’s Live and Direct proposition which has been created alongside Authentic Gaming, where players can join tables online on demand from several of Grosvenor’s key Glasgow and Sheffield casinos with new locations coming.