Macau Gaming Service Index Hits Record Score in 2023, Survey

Casino operators across the globe constantly strive to improve the conditions for their customers by rolling out different amenities. From comfortable chairs to the latest video slots and a wide range of table games, the competition among operators is fierce.

Currently, Macau is one major gambling hub for the Asian region and operators there also focus on ensuring exceptional entertainment for their guests. Now, according to a new study, the overall Gaming Service Index (GIS) across Macau for 2023, hit a new record. As announced by IAG, recently, the Macau Gaming Research Association (MGRA) released the results of its “Macau Gaming Service Index (GSI) 2023” survey, uncovering important details about the positive change within the gambling sector.

In 2013, when the first MGRA survey was released, the gambling sector in the country started from a base of 100 points. Ten years later, for the fourth quarter of 2023, Macau’s GSI was evaluated at 145 points. This result marked the highest-ever GSI recorded and represented an uptick of 7 points when compared to the Q4 2022 result of 138.

The second-best result ever recorded in terms of Macau’s GSI was 139, dating from Q2 2017. Overall, over the last decade, a rising trend was observed in Macau’s GSI, culminating with the latest result.

The Number of Players Boosts Casino Employee’s Performance

Besides the overall GSI for the gaming sector in Macau, the latest survey uncovered interesting insights regarding the sector. There were three main categories that were used for the assessment of gaming staff within the survey. Those categories included “smile,” “proactivity,” and “tolerance.”

When it comes to the smiling index, the latest survey revealed a result of 171, up when compared to the results from last year. Similarly, the proactivity index hit 172, marking once again an increase when compared to the results from the previous year. Last but not least, the tolerance index was 103, according to the latest study.

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The newly released study made an important discovery, highlighting a connection between the recorded indexes and taya365 the number of players participating in a table game. According to the recent results, if there were between seven and nine gamblers participating in a game, the smile, proactivity and tolerance indexes were 1.13, 0.87 and 0.74. An increase to 1.24, 0.98 and 0.82 respectively was observed whenever there were more than nine players participating in a table game.

The collection of data for the new study was completed via mystery shopping surveys. A dozen casinos in Macau were evaluated for the latest GSI index.