Mandalay Bay Convention Center Receives $100 Million Glow Up

MGM Resorts International, the company managing Mandalay Bay, one of the USA’s biggest convention centers, made an official press release detailing its plans to invest $100 million in a thorough redesign of the complex. The operator aims to create a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, bring the convention facility’s technical systems up to date and reorganize its interiors.

Mandalay Bay has needed substantial renovation for quite some time. Despite being one of Las Vegas’s most popular convention sites and remaining virtually unchallenged in terms of capacity, the venue had started to show its age, especially regarding the rising technical requirements for modern conventions.

As the Strip continues its steady recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, MGM chooses an opportune time to breathe some new life into the convention cent ufa800 er, bringing it up to modern standards and hopefully cementing its place as the go-to destination for massive high-profile events.

Better Connectivity and Larger Displays

On the technical side, Mandalay Bay will continue to embrace the latest communication developments. The venue recently implemented Cat6A Ethernet, massively boosting connection speeds. MGM plans to follow up by installing huge displays in key areas. Eleven new 24’ x 13’ dynamic digital walls will allow event organizers to show targeted content throughout the day. The massive screens will also present sponsorships and brand placements. Twenty additional double-sided 55” displays will aid guests, positioned as needed to guide them around the complex.

The technical update will also outfit all meeting room doors with RFID locks for increased convenience. Over 200 motion detection cameras will cover the entire premises, providing extra security. This addition is a sensible and much-needed update after 2017’s mass shooting.

Brighter, More Inviting Interiors

Besides new screens and gadgets, Mandalay Bay will also receive a substantial facelift. The complex will keep its tropical theme, but the redesigned space will focus significantly more on practicality. Brighter lighting, integrated seating spaces, and updated signage will improve the overall convention experience. 

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Thanks to the efforts of Las Vegas-based Dezmotif Studios, the entire indoor environment will become more vibrant and inviting. Meeting spaces will feature an updated relaxing tropical landscape, complementing the recently refreshed exhibit floors. Artists like Thandiwe Muriu and Sarah Anne Johnson will contribute their works, aligning with MGM’s ongoing mission to support underrepresented artists.

A Sound Investment for MGM

Fortunately for visitors, Mandalay Bay will remain open throughout the complete duration of the renovation, which is set to complete by Q4 2024. MGM will also focus on updating the other properties on the resort, like the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas and surrounding bars and restaurants, elevating the convention center above the competition.

With the ever-increasing demand for convention space and the growing number of visitors to the Strip, MGM’s $100 million investment will likely not take long to pay off.