Mansion Group and Smarkets to Fight against Online Abuse and Racism

Smarkets joined forces with Mansion Group to fight against racism and online abuse. The duo has confirmed that will participate in an online sports boycott, aiming to eradicate the unacceptable online abuse over social media platforms.

Mansion and Smarkets Join Social Media Boycott

Technology company, Smarkets, together with the sports betting brand, Mansion Group confirmed that they will participate in a social media boycott. The boycott aims to fight against racism, as well as online abuse. Starting today at 3 pm, the global sports boycott on social media will continue through 12 pm on Monday, May 3. For that period, a significant number of leagues and companies vowed not to share any updates on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

So far, UEFA, Premier League, the FA, England Rugby, and Scottish Football are among the participants of the boycott. Furthermore, major brands Adidas, Barclays, and Cazoo have also shown support for the activity.

In a statement, Smarkets stressed that online abuse and racism have no place in society. Furthermore, the company said that it 7BALL CX fully supports the social media boycott. Additionally, Smarkets deemed online abuse and racism as a “crucial issue“. In conclusion, the company said that this issue requires real engagement from social media platforms that must do more to eradicate the unacceptable online abuse.

MansionBet’s head of integrated marketing, Dana Bocker, said that the company supports its partners and all football leagues in the ongoing fight against racism. Furthermore, Bocker said that Mansion respects the clubs which it sponsors and their players, which is why the company is proud to join the initiative.

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