Pennsylvanian Lawmakers Want Esports Betting Signed into Law

Things are changing fast though, as Pennsylvania is moving quickly towards the legalization of esports gambling lodivip , which may be coming sooner than you suspect. HB733, a piece of legislation that is making its way through the Pennsylvania General Assembly, could finally make this happen.

Let’s Legalize Esports One Pennsylvania Lawmaker Says

Neilson and his colleagues are hoping that they would make this happen. The lawmakers who endorse the idea argue that esports is estimated as an industry that could have a value as big as $1.8 billion, and argue that it is already worth $1.1 billion worldwide.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia is already investing heavily in esports in the United States, which will attract events from all over the world. The backers of the suggestion also argue that other states, such as New Jersey, have already legalized betting on esports. Similar legislation is underway in other states as well.

Therefore, Neilson believes that Pennsylvania should not fall behind, hence why HB733 was introduced in the first place. Should the bill pass, it will make it completely legal for residents of the states to place a bet on the outcome of esports events, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, and potentially myriad others.

Bettors would have to be 21 years of age to bet on esports but 18 years of age to participate. The bill’s language could simply mean that bettors would not be able to bet on individuals under the age of 18, rather. The part is a little restrictive, as many esports athletes start much younger. Esports betting legislation, however, is not an immediate priority for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, but the momentum to pass it seems to be there.

Make Esports Betting Happen at Long Last

Meanwhile, tax on the activity would be put at 36% which could be a little harsh, as the esports vertical is more challenging to turn a profit from for many sportsbooks which consistently find themselves outsmarted by passionate fans with a very strong insight into competitive video gaming.

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Pennsylvania also has some experience trying to pass esports betting bills. There have been three other bills attempting passage, including HB69, HB521, and HB642 before HB733 made its debut a few weeks ago. How beneficial esports betting would be for the state remains to be seen, but there is definitely interest in the activity, hence why it ought to be legalized Neilson believes.