Phil Hellmuth extends High Stakes Duel record to 9-1 with win over Scott Seiver

Earlier this week, top poker pro Phil Hellmuth was able to add another notch to his High Stakes Duel belt, having secured yet another win after defeating Scott Seiver in the latest round. Round 4 of the series saw Hellmuth and Seiver post $400,000 each on the matchup, with Hellmuth taking it all after earning the win.

Details of the Matchup

Hellmuth was supposed to play Tom Dwan at the PokerGO Studio within the ARIA Resort & Casino this week after Round 3 completed with the Poker Brat earning the win, but Dwan had to back out. So, this left Hellmuth without a competitor.

Enter Seiver. The poker pro was ready to go, but he could not come up with the match win. Seiver can choose to play Hellmuth again in Round 5. If he does not, then the seat is open to another competitor. Hellmuth is not allowed to cash out unless he wins one more match or there is no one to challenge him.

After Hellmuth and Seiver took their seats, the players were given 400,000 in chips each. The two would go back and forth with the chip lead until Hellmuth decided to become a bit more aggressive. He three-bet lodi646 on a hand holding 9-5 offsuit and Seiver called with A-5 of clubs.

The players checked the board of K-7-7 but Hellmuth bet 48,000 when an 8 of hearts fell on the turn. Seiver called and the river card was a 3 of diamonds. Hellmuth then bet 120,000 and Seiver was unsure of what to do. He folded and Hellmuth earned a huge 290,000 pot and the lead.

Continuing the Momentum

From that point on, Hellmuth was unstoppable. He took down another pot, this time 120,000, and then gained a two to one chip lead. Within around 200 hands, Hellmuth basically held 600,000 to 200,000 in chips against Seiver.

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At one point, Seiver did gain the lead again, but it wouldn’t last too long. Eventually, with the 21st lead change, Hellmuth would claim the lead and never look back. He got Seiver down to 10 big blinds and then the final hand would go down.

The flop fell 2-10-3 and Seiver bet 16,000 with 10-6 offsuit. Hellmuth raised the bet to 60,000 with 3-2. Seiver then moved all in and Hellmuth called. The Queen on the turn gave Seiver a possible way out but the five of spades on the river was not what he needed and the hand went to Hellmuth.

The two hugged it out and Hellmuth said he had more fun playing Seiver than anyone else, which is a big compliment. He said he liked the way that Seiver handled himself.