PlayStar Gets Market Access Deal in Colorado with GF Gaming

PlayStar has not hidden its ambitions for the US market and the company is moving forward after conquering the New Jersey market. Most recently, the company confirmed a market access deal with Caesars in Indiana, and now the firm is topping this one up through another similar arrangement with GF Gaming to break ground into Colorado.

PlayStar Moves in With Another Market Access Deal

While PlayStar is yet to obtain a license in the state, the company is eager to secure a market access deal and make sure that it has a direct line to the player bases in the Centennial State. PlayStar is confident that Colorado will make for a great online gambling state when iGaming comes up online.

The state’s 6m residents will make for a robust player base, but there is also a lot of transit going through which could potentially mean more revenue. To this end, PlayStar has picked its partner very carefully with GF Gaming being a Colorado-headquartered company, which is known for brands such as Famous Bonanza and Easy Street Casinos.

PlayStar believes that it can top this offer by bringing its own brand of personalization, customer experience, and engagement, all tailored to the needs and preferences of riches777 the local market. This has been one of the key focuses of the company in any of the markets it has launched so far.

The company is similarly determined to build a proposition that makes a lasting impact and makes it possible for players to appreciate the experience, as the New Jersey experience has demonstrated. PlayStar chief business development officer and co-founder Adam Noble said that the PlayStar brand is one that is committed to building the best possible experience for the United States market.

PlayStar Makes for the Right Partner for GF Gaming

Noble confirmed that by securing this market access deal, the company is already sending a strong signal that it’s poised to expand as soon as regulation allows. He added:

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With New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and now Colorado market access secured, along with more announcements coming, we’ve secured a growth path well into the future. However, we’re not stopping there, with further market access being a high on the agenda as we head off to G2E this week.

PlayStar chief business development officer and co-founder Adam Noble

GF Gaming’s Roger Brown, the general manager, said that PlayStar’s track record in the United States has clearly demonstrated why the firm should be teaming up with the online casino operator. He noted that PlayStar puts a big emphasis on supporting local communities and that is precisely what GF Gaming is all about as well.