Poker Playboy Dan Bilzerian Talks Presidential Candidacy

Dan Bilzerian has been a controversial presence in the poker world, and now he’s ready to take his antics into the White House. At the KSI v Paul Logan fight, he was asked about politics by TMZ, and had some very interesting things to say.

The TMZ cameraperson was asked what he thinks about Kanye West running for president in 2024. He replied: “I mean, better than Hilary. I think he’ll be running against me. We’ll see”.

He was asked if he was serious, and Bilzerian stated thatfour years is enough time for him to prepare. So, while it all could be banter,Bilzerian has done some outrageous things before, and is very likely to make anattempt to get into the White House.

This isn’t actually the first time he has mentioned running for the President of the United States. In fact, he took it very seriously in 2015 (or as seriously as you would expect a “professional playboy” to take it), when he launched a “presidential campaign” at five nightclubs across North America. He then released a campaign video which mostly featured women in bikinis.

About Dan Bilzerian

Bilzerian is a millionaire playboy, who spends his time playing poker and flaunting his money. With nearly 30 million followers on Instagram, he is the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram”. He states that he is worth about $150 million, thanks to money from a trust fund and his poker winnings.

There is no shortage of controversy in his life, as well. In2014, a video was released where Bilzerian threw a porn star off of his roofresulting in a broken foot. He also faced backlash over a video he posted forInternational Women’s Day, where he was eating dinner off of the back of atopless model.

He seems to be a Trump supporter, after he posted a picture kagame of them together after the now president announced his candidacy. Bilzerianalso stated on Twitter and told Larry King that while he doesn’t likeeverything that Trump does, he respects that he’s unfiltered.

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Most people who have caught wind of the news have theirfingers crossed that he won’t throw his hat in the presidential candidate ring.However, there’s no telling who will run nowadays. It seems like anyone withenough money wants to vie to be the President of the United States, so younever know – Bilzerian could attempt to get his name on the ballot in 2024.