QTech and Turbo Games Sign an Exclusive Deal for Its Crash Games

A popular ssbet77 Asian games distributor, QTech Games, signed a deal with Turbo Games to allow its customers to enjoy some of the best titles created by the famous provider. The QTech Games’’ fans will get access to the whole range of best-in-breed “crash” games.

A unique algorithm, fantastic technology, and industry giant:

The provider is famous for its instant-win games and its unique Provably Fair algorithm. The algorithm ensures that each bet is safe and secure, granting the players transparency and fair play. An innovative cryptographic technology was used to create this kind of game, which is great for increasing the customers’ trust since it allows them to witness an outcome. The game is completely transparent.

Everything began in 2020, the same year when Turbo Games was founded. The company launched the first game CrashX, and after that, the expansion was rapid, creating a vast partner network and building a strong portfolio of games that the public loved.

QTech Games will get access to the newest release, Rocket X. This slot game is a high-volatility one, enriched with fantastic graphics and thrilling gameplay. The player has to catch the right moment to cash their prizes: when the coefficients are high enough and before the fall. An accident resets the progress in each round, and it is unknown when it can happen, which enhances the excitement and thrill during the game.

Popular gaming format:

The “crash” format is very popular these days. It has been known since the first days of the video-gaming industry, and with time, its popularity increases. There are mixed elements of old video games and social media, enriched with smart features that make the playing experience unforgettable. Turbo Games caught the wave and made the best out of it. All games are optimized for mobile, using a customized platform that allows smooth and fast integration.

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The renowned company is the newest addition to the QTech Games’ impressive list of partners, including Evolution and Yggdrasil, the industry leaders, as well as the new providers that are yet to shine.

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games, said: “We are steadfastly committed to rolling out high-quality content that drives revenue for our partners. As a result, this new announcement with Turbo Games exemplifies our impressive sequential pipeline for 2023.”

Vadim Potapenko, Head of Sales at Turbo Games, added: “QTech Games is a natural habitat for our superior online casino games and player-engagement tools. We are widening our scope across developing regions, and their market-leading platform provides a shining gateway to some previously overlooked territories. It’s vital to reignite the slot space with different kinds of creative and social games. So, teaming up with QTech Games offered us the perfect chance to bolster our product distribution across emerging markets in Asia and deliver our fantastic games to a range of top-tier partners. We look forward to watching how they connect with new audiences and plan to expand this partnership over the year ahead.”