Table Trac Goes Live with Bighorn and Longhorn Casinos

Table Trac has signed a new partnership to install its advanced CasinoTrac management system at two new locations, to name Bighorn Casino and Longhorn Casino in Nevada. The Minnesotan company will move forward with its solutions on both properties’ gaming floors, making the day-to-day running of the casinos easier and more beneficial for the companies. The systems deployed by Table Trac also enable the properties to collect data and analyze optimal monetization patterns and strategies.

Deploying Monetization and Revenue Solutions

Table Tac will specifically include its revenue-generating solutions, to wit KioskTrac and DataTrac, designed to boost the commercial potential of each property. CasinoTrac, the core system that is implemented in casinos, is one of the most advanced tracking options, which gives properties the upper hand in running a business on a daily.

The software’s successful track record has already been established with other prope ufa365 rties around Central and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, and not least the United States. The company has been able to process millions of transactions daily and is one of the most prominent casino management system companies on the market. It has been running since 1995.

Table Track has more than 145 installed systems across all geographies it operates. The company recently launched with Waymore Casino in Panama and expanded in the US market through a Lucky Strike Casino deal. Commenting on this new partnership opportunity, Table Trac president Chad Hoehne said:

We are honored that both the Longhorn and Bighorn Casinos have selected the CasinoTrac management system.

Table Trac president Chad Hoehne saidCasino Owners Happy with the Opportunity

Hoehne is confident that thanks to Table Trac’s solutions, the two new partner venues will be able to establish their name and attract players to grow their businesses. Casino owners Randy Miller, Richard Gonzales, and Rich Iannone welcomed the news in a similarly upbeat fashion. They argued that the casinos have been looking for a way to fit in the local markets and they believe to have found it with CasinoTrac which will enable the casinos to realize their full potential.

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