Understanding Online Casino Legality in Norway

In Norway, the realm of online casinos operates within a grey area of legality, presenting both restrictions and opportunities for players. Governed by laws such as the Gaming Scheme Act of 18 March 2022 no. 12 and the Gaming Scheme Regulation of 17 November 2022 no. 1978, the provision, marketing, or distribution of gambling activities without authorization from the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority is strictly prohibited.

This encompasses both domestic and foreign-based operators targeting Norwegian customers. However, despite these stringent regulations, online casino operators within the region often entice players with sign-up bonuses, a practice less common in more regulated markets. These bonuses serve as a significant draw for players seeking to explore the online gambling world.

Thorough Research and Reliable Review Sites

Amidst the complex legal landscape, the importance of thorough research when choosing an online casino cannot be overstated, particularly for players from abroad. Reliable review sites play a pivotal role in this process, meticulously vetting operators for compliance, safety, and fairness. These sites employ rigorous methodologies, testing operators over extended periods—often six mo ssbet77 nths or more—by opening multiple accounts to accurately assess their services.

One such review site, Kongebonus, provides a non-salesy approach to guiding players through the selection process. Serving as an affiliate site of online casinos in Norway, Kongebonus offers impartial information to assist players in making informed decisions. Its role extends beyond mere promotion, focusing instead on relaying factual information about operators’ offerings and ensuring players’ safety and satisfaction.

For non-Norwegian players looking to access online casinos recommended by review sites like Kongebonus, the use of VPNs becomes essential. These tools allow players to circumvent geo-blocking measures and access vetted operators that adhere to compliance and safety standards.

Legal and Tax Obligations

In addition to legal considerations, players must also be mindful of their tax obligations regarding gambling income. The Norwegian Tax Act of 26 March 1999 no. 14 contains provisions concerning incidental winnings from gambling activities, ensuring transparency and compliance in tax reporting.

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Moreover, the Money Laundering Act of 1 June 2018 no. 23 extends its reach to encompass gambling activities requiring licenses under the Gaming Scheme Act. It emphasizes the government’s commitment to combating illicit financial activities within the gambling sector and ensuring the integrity of online gambling operations.

Furthermore, specific regulations, such as the Regulation on the Prohibition against Payment for Gambling without Norwegian Authorization of 19 February 2010 no. 184, govern various aspects of gambling, emphasizing the government’s stance against unauthorized gambling activities, especially concerning financial transactions.

Regulatory Framework

Norway’s gaming regulatory framework is robust, encompassing various key provisions. While gambling is permitted in the country, gambling debt lacks enforceability under the law. Also, Norway allows the full development of gambling services and technology within its borders. Certain gaming services, like commercial lotteries devoid of stakes, chance, or prizes, are permitted and open to marketing.

Lotteries, however, fall under strict regulation through the Lottery Act, operating under a monopolistic licensing system where only government-appointed providers can conduct and market such activities. Private bingo and lottery licenses are exceptions, typically granted for charitable purposes. Lottery operations and marketing are exclusively reserved for government-appointed providers, both land-based and online, with regulations confined to Norwegian territory.

Recent government measures aimed to restrict offshore gaming operators from offering services to Norwegian gamblers, including negotiations with the EU regarding broadcasting activities and the implementation of a transfer ban for gambling transactions. These actions underscore Norway’s ongoing commitment to regulating and managing its domestic gambling industry.


While online casinos in Norway exist within a grey legal area, players can navigate this landscape effectively by relying on reputable review sites like Kongebonus. Through thorough research and adherence to legal and tax obligations, players can enjoy online gambling experiences safely and responsibly.