Texas House provides initial approval of daily fantasy sports legislation

Initial approval was given last week regarding legislation to legalize daily fantasy sports in the state of Texas. The House voted in favor of the measure 116-27, agreeing that daily fantasy sports is a game of skill instead of chance.

2016 AG Opinion Against DFS

In 2016, the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, issued an opinion that daily fantasy sports contests appeared to be in violation of state laws regarding gambling. The laws in Texas state that betting is not allowed on the performance of athletes. The AG also stated at the time that DFS offered games of chance, where the success of the outcome depends on how well an athlete performs during a 7BALL CX n event.

With House Bill 2303, the legislation would allow DFS to take place in the state legally. Participation is already taking place, so the legislation would basically provide a legal stamp of approval for the activity. During the voting process, most votes of NO for the measure came from conservative republicans who have an issue with gambling expansions.

According to the Statesman…

Representative, Phil King, a co-sponsor of the measure, stated that the bill is accurate in how players take part in DFS activities. Of DFS, Mr. King said: “It’s not gambling. It’s a game of skill. Many people are playing it without thinking they are breaking the law.”

With House Bill 2303, it would clarify state law and confirm that skill-based daily fantasy sports are legal and not considered an act of gambling.

Support from Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance:

The bill has gained support from lawmakers as well as proponents of DFS. The Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance is happy about the decision by the House and hopes to see the option legalized. Backed by FanDuel and DraftKings, the group has been pushing for legalization for some time.

The Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance is now looking forward to the continued progress within legislature involving the bill as it seeks to protect fantasy sports players and Texas-based businesses that support he industry.

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